Sunday, January 18, 2009

More like human

In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful The Most Beneficent,
All Praises Be to Him, The One and Only, Unity, Peace and Love.

Man is nothing but a piece of moving flesh, liquid and bones, clusters of cells, man is nothing but cells.
So are the animals, bones, liquid, cells. Think, reflect, reason, be more like human.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The light inside is dim

Reasons must exist, without reason nothing exist.
Inside the light is dim, yet wandering around in search.
I feel so low, then I feel so high,
Why is this? No reason I find.
The light is dim,
or cant I reflect.
I know the truth, cant find it yet.
Am I insane or the world is sane.
The world is sane then I am insane.
Nay, I am not insane the world is lame.
The world nay lame, the people yet are.
So hard to find, the righteous one.
So hard to follow, the Mightiest One.
My light is dim, indeed it is.
or else words not come out like this.
I feel to die, for the sake of truth.
Yet truth does not allow the death,
the truth is jealous, to take it self.
Go you truth, I am powerless,
on the floor nothing to hide.
They say, I have power,
they look up, for wisdom sake,
Nay, I am nothing, nothing to give,
all I have my life with full,
time of hardship time of fall,
time of rise time of fame,
time of fail time of gain,
isnt it just a game.
No soul shall live,
forever, shall ..
I feel light,
load off the heart,
emotionally high,
sorrowy eyes.
I wish I never loved,
yet Truth says, never look back,
never deny the pen write,
right it is indeed it is.
No choice we have no choice indeed,
let bear this, alone shall I?
Nay say nay again,
look back dont you see o blind,
look back and look back again,
what cause you caused ,
what you bow shall you reap.
Indeed it is the truth of life.
Hearts broken, life shaken,
world taken, soul forsaken.
Worst time it was for her indeed,
I was so ignorant definitely indeed.
Life is a teacher, yet mastery comes late.

O life move on, for the sake of One.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

For Love...

In the name of God, The Most Merciful, The Beneficent, The Kind, The Love,

"It is He that created you of one soul, and fashioned thereof its spouse, that he might find repose in her" (Koran VII I8g).

Of Love--may God exalt you! -the first part is jesting, and the last part is right earnestness. So majestic are its divers aspects, they are too subtle to be described; their reality can only be apprehended by personal experience. Love is neither disapproved by Religion, nor prohibited by the Law; for every heart is in God's hands.

I love to hear when men converse
And in the midst his name rehearse;
The air I breathe seems redolent
That moment with the amber's scent,
But when he speaketh, I give ear
Unto no other sitting near,
But lean to catch delightedly
His pretty talk and coquetry,
Nor yet, though my companion there
The Prince of All the Faithful were,
Permit my mind to be removed
On his account from my beloved.
And if, through dire compulsion, I
Stand up at last to say good-bye,
Still glancing fondly at my sweet
I stumble, as on wounded feet;
My eyes upon his features play
The while my body drifts away,
As one the billows tumble o'er
Yet gazes, drowning, on the shore.
When I recall how distant he
Now is, I choke in sorrow's sea,
Weary as one who sinks, to expire
In some deep bog, or raging fire.
Yet, if thou sayest, " Canst thou still
Aspire to heaven? " " That I will ",
I answer boldly, " and I know
The stairs that to its summit go! "

LOVE has certain signs, the first is the brooding gaze: the eye is the wide gateway of the soul, the scrutinizer of its secrets, conveying its most private thoughts, and giving expression to its deepest-hid feelings. You will see the lover gazing at the beloved unblinkingly; his eyes follow the loved one's every movement, withdrawing as he withdraws, inclining as he inclines, just as the chameleon's stare shifts with the shifting of the sun...

The lover will direct his conversation to the beloved, even when he purports however earnestly to address another: the affectation is apparent to anyone with eyes to see. When the loved one speaks, the lover listens with rapt attention to his every word; he marvels at everything the beloved says, however extraordinary and absurd his observations may be; he believes him implicitly even when he is clearly lying, agrees with him though he is obviously in the wrong, testifies on his behalf for all that he may be unjust, follows after him however he may proceed and whatever line of argument he may adopt. The lover hurries to the spot where the beloved is at the moment, endeavors to sit as near him as possible sidles up close to him, lays aside all...

Other signs of love are that sudden confusion and excitement betrayed by the lover when he unexpectedly sees the one he loves coming upon him unawares, that agitation which overmasters him on beholding someone who resembles his beloved or, on hearing his name suddenly pronounced...

A man in love will give prodigally to the limit of his capacity, in a way that formerly he would have refused; as if he were the one receiving the donation, he the one whose happiness is the object in view; all this in order that he may show off his good points, and make himself desirable. How often has the miser opened his purse strings, the scowler relaxed his frown, the coward leapt heroically into the fray, the clod suddenly become sharp-witted, the boor turned into the perfect gentleman, the stinker transformed himself into the elegant dandy, the sloucher smartened up, the decrepit recaptured his lost youth, the godly gone wild, the self-respecting kicked over the traces-and all because of love!
All these signs are to be observed even before the fire of Love is properly kindled, ere its conflagration truly bursts forth, its blaze waxes fierce, its flames leap up. But when the fire really takes a hold and is firmly established, then you will see the...

Of union with the Beloved...

Men sometimes come and question me
How many years my age may be,
Seeing my temples silver now
And flecks of snow upon my brow.

This is the answer that I give
"When I count up the life I live
Applying all my reason's power,
I make the total just one hour."

"And how", my questioner replies
In accents of amazed surprise,
"Mak'st thou this sum, which seems to me
Beyond all credibility?"

"One day", I answer," she I love
All other earthly things above
Lay in my arms, and like a thought
Her lips with mine I swiftly sought.

"And though the years before I die
Stretch out interminably, I
Shall only count my life in truth
As that brief hour of happy youth."

Of Controlling ones desires...

"The day when neither wealth nor offspring shall be of avail, except a man cometh unto God with a pure heart " (Koran XXVI 88-89); " the day when the earth shall be changed, and the heavens "(Koran XIV 49)," the day when every soul shall find the good that it has done summoned before him, and the evil it has done, and shall wish that there lay between itself and that thing a far distance" (Koran III 28) ; "the day when all faces shall be turned towards the Living, the Everlasting, and he shall fail who is laden with wickedness " (Koran XX I Io) ; " the day whereon they shall find all that they have done present before them, and thy Lord shall do no man wrong " (Koran XVIII 48) ; the day of " the greatest calamity, the day when a man shall remember all that he has laboured, and Hell shall come forth unto all that have eyes to see ; as for him who has committed iniquity, and preferred the life of this world, Hell shall be his resort ; but as for him who feared the Majesty of his Lord, and denied the soul' its desires, Paradise shall be his resort " (Koran LXXIX 34-41); that day of which Allah says, "And to the neck of every man We shall attach his fate, and We shall bring forth unto him on the Day of Resurrection a book, which he shall find outspread Read thy book, to-day thou art a sufficient reckoner against thyself" (Koran XVII 14) ; then shall the disobedient say, " Woe is me, what manner of thing is this book, that leaves aside neither small offence nor great but numbers all?" (Koran XVIII 47).

Glorious is God, The One, The Beloved.

Reference: All has been taken from, book of Ibn-Hazm, "The ring of the dove".

Thursday, September 21, 2006


In the name of God The Merciful The Compasionate. All praises to Allah, existance is due to God, the mercy of God it is for being in the state of being. Existance belongs to Him, He calls upon existance and existance becomes void. Praise to The Lord who has the power over all, who create existance in void. Nothing exists but by the mercy of God, The Supreme Power.

Death, some call it the ultimate truth, as it takes away the life we have, no matter what. The veils are taken away, truth in its bare form, another world of justice, reveals it self. It is the time that we meet The Utterly Just, The All Aware, with the soul as our deeds of what we have earned in this world. This world, like a dream, once awake, it is nothing but an experience. This world, merely a hope for tommorrow but not for long only till we are young. When the age passes by, as the day merges in night, power falls on its knees, weakness rules, nothing is left but the count down, life flashes back from nothing to weakness to power back to weakness and soon to nothing, the soul asks the reason on what faith are you going to confront The Creator, The All Hearing, The All Seeing. Now is the power to turn fates around with the will of The Guider, to be true to ourselves, to be true to The Love, The Kind, The All Forgiving, The Merciful, The Wise, The Truth, The Magestic, The Firm, The All Glorious, The Protecting Friend, The Giver of Life, The Bringer of Death, The Raiser of the Dead.

In the name of God The Most Merciful The Beneficient,

Everyone knows everything will die, that includes the earth, the moon, and the sun. But one cannot wait for that to witness at this moment, what one can witness, is death of there own. Hope is life, for the young and power, but when weakness takes over, age grows, hairs turn white, hope fades away, count down begins, there is no hope, but death, the future is death, one cannot see further in one's future but death. What if we are going to die in the next couple of moments? Where are we going to go? To no where? Where is no where? and what is nothing? One has never witnessed nothing in this universe, water turn vapours, materials turn ashes, object become gases, light in energy, events to causes and causes to events . How can one claim, after death one is nothing? Death, can be experienced in sleep, sleep is a form of death. When a person dies they go to a deep sleep state for eternal. When the eyes are shut slowely, before death, soul speaks to body, sleep deep. A similar experience was witnessed by a lady survived in London bombings, as she said she was telling her self to go to sleep, at that time she relised it was death. In a state like that, the destination unveils, everything stretches beyond the imagination, there is no size, no dimension, no time, no limit, no speed, no distance. Like a dream, unaware of the body, but there in a different dimension. It is there that one can see things in its bare and true form, but there will be no coming back. That is the eternal trap, where no actions are allowed, but one in bare form of soul. Soul that is deep inside one, that is just and knows its origin, one can know it only when they remove the falsehood upon themselves, when one stop lieing to oneself, when one stop giving false hopes to oneself. Death, for the disbeliever it is the state of nothingness, nothingness is torture after existance, and the Quran says 'Hell is not yet in existence' (40:46, 89:23). and says 'Death is a great mystery to most people. Not so for the students of the Quran. We learn that death is exactly like sleeping; complete with dreams' (6:60, 40:46). 'The period between death and resurrection passes like one night of sleep' (2:259; 6:60; 10:45; 16:21; 18:11, 19, 25; 30:55). But for the believers in no god, but The One Almighty, Quran says 'Give good news to those who believe and work righteousness that they will have gardens with flowing streams. When provided with provisions of fruits therein, they will say, "This is what was given to us in the past." They will be given similar provisions, and they will have pure spouses therein. They abide therein forever." 2:25

Praises be to The One The Creator of me, you, the heavens and the earth, and all in betweem them, from nothing.

Glory be to God, The One and The Just.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Causes and Events

In the name of God The Merciful and Beneficient, I say from my limited knowledge and thinking;
An event of reading

If events and causes are co related, it can can cause an infinite loop of events that causes the same causes that caused the event.

Examples in a System of (where Causes are borned first):

1 Event, 2 Causes.
Cause 1 := causes event 1
Cause 2 := cause event 1
Event 1 := generates Cause 1
Event 1 := generates Cause 2

if we go through this,
Cause 1 causes event 1, in turn event 1 generates Cause 1 which in turn causes Event 1 and goes is an infinite loop.

System of:
2 Events 2 Causes
Cause 1 := causes event 1
Cause 2 := causes event 2

Event 1 := generates Cause 2
Event 2 := generates Cause 1

Again if we go through this,

Cause 1 causes Event 1 that in turn generates Cause 2 that causes Event 2 generates Cause 1 and is an infinite loop.

lets redescribe the above causes,
Cause 1 := causes event 2
Cause 2 := causes event 1

Lets go through this:
Cause 1 causes event 2, in turn, event 2 generates Cause 1, and the loop goes on.

lets redescribe the above causes,
Cause 1 := causes event 2
Cause 2 := causes event 2
Lets go through this:
Cause 1 causes event 2, in turn,
event 2 causes Cause 1, which is a loop.

In this universe, there are many yet finite (if the universe is considered as finite) causes and events that are correlated to each other in a specific manner.
Hence there is always a loop, that similar things can happen more then one time, but the loop is so far apart that typically one's life time, is not enough for it to witness.
For God has said that everything in this universe is created in a systematic way, and everything follows its own way as prescribed.

It is like watching ants how they follow and we think that their job is, searching, managing, leader'ing', following, communicating etc with each other, is so similar to us humans, that a greater being than us may call us ants, following one another yet the only one who is different is the one who thinks. Thinking leads to discovery of causes that we not know of but that they exist in time.
Suppose that there is no neuclear bomb, but the event is there in time, it is just a matter of thinking to find out the Cause. For these Causes and Events are predefined, and I believe this is what is called as 'Every human is predestined". For these predefinitions did not merely created it self, for if it did, then the next question is What is "nothing"?, indeed our knowledge and thinking is limited to this universe, and one can never define nothing, but theories and assumptions, that are itself inside the universal system, and is an infinite loop.

Glorious is God for All Glories Belong to The Eternal, The Knower of All.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Realisation Points

In the name of Allah the Mercifull and the Beneficient, that a lot of us have realisations in our life time. Different realisations at different points for different matters.

Realisation in reality is good to bring one closer to the reality, for some it can be depressing, for some it can be painfull, for the one with the power of will adapts himself to go out in search.

The spirtual awakening is for those who realise themselves their position in this time and life, and starts the struggle to search for The Truth. For Abaraham(AS) his realisation about God was when he looked at the star, Ikrimah ibn Abu Jehl had his realisation about his faith when he was on the sea in a storm, my realisation point toward God was when a christian missionary asked me 'What is the purpose of life?', my friend has his realisation when he was struck with that this world will die.
The point is just the begining, its the flare, that start the fire inside that leads to the path of quest, that changes the life of a man, his faith, and his personality.
It is the awakening of the soul about a certain matter that is invoked by things many times we see in our daily lives.

For every cause is the cause of Allah Almighty.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I saw myself, along with my grand mother and one of my aunt. I had two branches on my head, like horns. The two branches were not thin neither were very thick, but medium, and were green, but not fully green, and had a green things on it, like on a tree when it rains on it, that I normally dont like to touch. But it wasnt wet. The horns were like a deer's horns but instead of horns, they were branches. And it had my hair, whitish golden, like very very very thin strings of whitish gold and shining. The shine was splendour, so glorious that its borders were blury due to shine. But The Glory is to Almighty. On some branches the hair were a bit different colour, curled together and some curled like silver fern at the end, and some hanging from the branches.On the top, I saw four or five white delicate flowers with four or five petals in each. My grand mother was at front looking at me. There was an expression on her face, that she is happy about something and smilling. I had short black hair sticked on my head too, like after wearing a cap. My aunt was on the side, and she plucked some hair off my head with two fingures and said jokingly what is this!, you are going to be bold headed (like professors). It kind of got me worried, but I didnt feel like that some one plucked my hair and that there are no hairs on that place. It was like the hairs are just lightly glued. I wanted to shorten my horns, because it may not fit in door ways. But I never felt them being heavy, neither did I feel that the horns are not part of me. And I did not want to lose those those beautifull shining whitish golden thin delicate strings of hair, that was beautifull.

Glory be to God, The Lord, Allah to Whome The Most Beautifull Names Belong.